Parents and concerned citizens – Wake Up!

Initially I’d found it hard to believe that my daughter’s teacher had actually told the class “girls are not real and boys are not real”.

But my daughter kept bringing it up to us in different ways.

In August she told us she was happy to be going to a new school where teachers wouldn’t tell the kids that girls and boys are not real.

This came as a pleasant surprise to us as we’d been concerned about the disruption of changing schools, making new friends, getting used to a new environment.

Then as the new school year started we got talking one night and she asked me again – directly – why her teacher had said “girls are not real”.

I told her her teacher was wrong to say that and told her that some kids can get confused about whether they’re a girl or a boy and her teacher was trying to explain this to the class.

She didn’t seem very satisfied with my answer.

So she started pointing out all the things in her room that were real.

“My table is real” she said of the night-table beside her.

“And my fan is real.”

“And even if my fan was made out of cardboard, it’s still real.”

It was then that I realised the danger of teaching kids about gender and their “identity” as if they’re already adults.

I could see the huge disconnect between how children learn about the world and how adults are applying a new meaning of gender onto them when there’s no way they can conceptualise the meaning of these words.

This is a huge problem.

Someone asked me when he learned about the steps we’re taking next whether this was going to be a class action.

No, we’re pretty much alone here.

To be fair, not many other parents are aware of the situation.

The parents of the girl who said she feels like a boy think they can just tell other teachers that their child isn’t trans and everything will be fine. They had asked the teacher to focus on principles of kindness instead of teaching Grade 1’s about gender identity a month before we became aware of what was going on in the class.

They asked an LGBT “expert” about age-appropriate education on this kind of topic and were told that it’s never too early to start teaching kids about transgenderism; that you could have a child in the class with a trans parent and then it’s real for that kid. So you can’t say there’s a certain age that’s too young.

And while I can see that point, there’s something very different about addressing a real situation or teaching kids about real facts – like the fact that some families have 2 Mom’s or 2 Dad’s – and trying to teach kids that what they can see with their own 2 eyes and the words that people use to explain this stuff most of us call reality is not, in fact, true or real.

I wonder if their expert would use diagrams that depict biological sex as a spectrum? If he’d tell kids there’s something call male-ness and female-ness and that this is fluid too?

I’ve noticed most LGBT propaganda promote biological sex as a spectrum.

That’s factually incorrect. Nevertheless, the train appears to have already left the station.

Helen Joyce, finance editor at The Economist who’s started writing about this issue in her spare time, points out in this very thorough analysis of trans radicalism that Canada has gone farthest by making gender identity a protected category in our Human Rights Code.

Which means if we’re adopting gender identity as the standard of identity protection in our society, then we’ll have to start teaching children of all ages that there’s no such thing as boys and girls.


The College of Teachers even defended that point. They told us “the curriculum is an ideology” and that our complaint wasn’t in the public interest.

Someone’s already decided that the words girl and boy no longer reflect biological reality.

That’s what we need to wrap our heads around.

What’s going on here is a culture clash. It’s a battle between those of us who think that words should reflect reality and be freely constructed and understood, and those who think that gender is a social construct and all of us need to fall in line with their new meanings for words like girl, boy, man and woman which in their view have nothing to do with biology.

Academics and extremist trans activists are attempting to overthrow the very meaning of the words we use today and commandeer them for their own purposes.

They conflate gender with biological sex to render our biological differences irrelevant.

The declaration that “Transwomen are women” is a great example.

Do you realise what that means once it’s encoded in our laws and culture?

Has anyone thought that far ahead?

That’s not to say that transwomen shouldn’t have the same rights as the rest of us to live free of discrimination and be able to access services they need. But that’s a very different point of view from transwomen are literal women – ie females.

The other thing to realise is that transwomen are no longer necessarily trans-sexuals who have completely transitioned in order to live their lives without distress.

The T in LGBT no longer stands for trans-sexual. It stands for transgender.

This is a sleight of hand with language that the radical left is very good at.

Now that the T has been changed to mean transgender instead of trans-sexual it can easily be applied to children.

Noodle on that for a minute if you will.

The rates of children showing up at gender clinics is growing at an alarming rate.

I’ve noticed, too, that gender dysphoria is no longer being treated (in LGBT culture) as a disability. It’s a diversity issue.

This is why you get fancy AI engineers and Philosophy PhD’s taking hormones and getting boob jobs “just because”.

Do you think these people are suffering greatly from their manhood or is it more likely that they enjoy the rush it gives them to put splinters in our brains about this concept we call woman?

They win women’s sporting titles while keeping their manbits nicely intact and then get to shame us for not being “inclusive” or treating them with the respect they deserve.

The world has turned upside down.  

We’re starting to see the results of the culture ingrained in our universities that’s teaching the next generation of teachers and doctors and lawyers.

We’ve got activists using our own compassion against us who are influencing government legislation, medical practice and the education system for their own end game.

The dominant culture influencing our education and medical system on this topic certainly isn’t the Euro-Christian culture that’s been blamed for so much in the past.

No, there’s another culture in charge now. And they’re starting to impose their belief system, come hell or high water, on the rest of us.

You may have thought that none of this could possibly concern you. But when a cultural change is being imposed on society through law and our healthcare and education system – everyone should be aware of what’s going on.

We were certainly blindsided by the lessons going on in our daughters class.

Most concerning of all was the level of fundamentalism we encountered. This “we’re the educators” stance which made it very difficult to have a constructive conversation on the matter.

These educators seemed to be singularly motivated by their personal interest in the social justice movement for a particular group of people.

Our daughter wasn’t important to them.

The principal even said it was important that we talk about the issue – and then used the entire 45 minute conversation to push her agenda on us, never asking a single question to understand the impact on our daughter or our family.

It was a shocking experience. An eye opener, for sure.

They know not what they do.

They had the best of intentions, we were told.

Easter is almost here. Our family is looking forward to chocolate and wonderful food and reflecting on the meaning of the holiday.

This year, I’m particularly reminded of those words.

And if you don’t know which words I’m referring to then perhaps we should be adding more history lessons to the curriculum. 

I’m struggling a little bit with the idea of forgiveness, that’s for sure. I’ve never before encountered a situation where people simply will not listen respectfully to another’s point of view.

Where identity is concerned, all bets are off I suppose.

I’ve been reading an interesting book: Know Thyself by Ingrid Rossellini. It’s about the history of Western civilization and how our concept of self in society has evolved.

Our concept of identity.

She points out that identity can never be a monologue. It’s both who we are independently and who we are in relation to one another.

That’s why this clash of cultures has the potential to be so messy. Because you can’t assert your identity in isolation. Your identity and mine only have meaning in relation to each other.

And yet we’re becoming more and more mired in identity politics – and from my own experience I can say that encountering fundamentalism on an issue like transgenderism can only create more backlash. Forcing parents into accepting something that makes absolutely no sense and imposing lessons of indoctrination on children so that they come home asking strange questions to understand what’s going on is completely unacceptable.

Is this the new reality in our society?

At the end of her book Ingrid Rossellini quoted W.H. Auden, who said “The mark of a great civilisation is not only the degree of diversity we can achieve, but also the level of unity we can retain.”

How the hell are we supposed to manage that? This delicate balance that could so easily evaporate.

For our children’s sake, what could possibly be wrong with insisting on an anchor point in biological reality? A respectful conversation, especially when it comes to the well being of children, would be a good start.


PS: Some good news. As I wrote this, the anti-woman bully known as Rachel McKinnon (the first biological male to win a woman’s cycling world championship) was finally banned from Twitter for telling cis people (anyone not “trans”) that they should go die in a grease fire – among other things.

Now if only we could get this idiot off our national news.

Rachel McKinnon profiled in CBC Sports promo video entitled “This is what happens before the breaking point”



6 thoughts on “Parents and concerned citizens – Wake Up!

  1. I read this post from the viewpoint of both a parent and a teacher in the Ontario system. There is currently a very concerning movement away from biological facts and towards “feelings-based” affirmation of gender in our educational system. A few years ago our health teacher came back from Health Training for the 2015 Curriculum and told our entire staff that the message of the transgender aspect of the training was, “It is better to socially transition children in their new identities as early as possible.” No one on staff questioned this, including me, probably because we didn’t understand the implications at the time. A few years later, after a lot of reading and observing, I am ready to take a stand and state that this is absolute BS and dangerous to the mental and physical well-being of ALL children, including those who are genuinely gender dysphoric and in need of better support to deal with their underlying issues. Imagine being four years old and telling a trusted adult that you like the clothes and toys of the other gender so you want to be one of them. (Also you’ve wanted to be a dragon and a firefighter because, after all, you are a child.) In their false compassion and fear of the judgment of other adults, the trusted adults force everyone around you to use language to support your fantasy. The other children in your class begin to question their own “realness”. The trusted adults start building the pathway towards your lifelong dependence on medication which will eventually lead to numerous health issues, including your own sterility and inability to enjoy sex. When you are a teen they offer to remove your breasts, strip the skin off your forearm and form an inflatable phallus to complete your wish. Parents. Please wake up to what is going on in your child’s classroom and have some conversations with parents, teachers and principals. Start attending school board meetings. Find like-minded parents and get political. Ask to see the policy documents. All children need your support because they have no ability to understand that the adults around them are not protecting them from these lies. The teachers who aren’t already indoctrinated into this cult are afraid of losing their jobs and are unlikely to speak up. As a teacher, I apologize for my silence and I intend to make amends. My first amend is to apologize on behalf of my profession. Pam, please tell your daughter that a teacher says she is very real and also very brave.


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Given what’s at stake and that this new affirming model of care is completely experimental I’m sure there must be other teachers who are uncomfortable with the guidance they’ve received.


    1. Do you have something relevant to add to the conversation Lucinda or are you just here to throw peanuts from the monkey gallery?


  2. Thank you for speaking out – When school boards promote Gender Ideology and glamorize changing genders, children are put at risk. This is not the time for silence. This is not the time for indifference or apathy (it’s not my problem) This is not the time for ‘fear of man’ or ‘what the world will think of me’ to hold you back. This is not the time to be silent because silence allows problems to grow.

    This is the time to; ‘Just say “no” to promoting gender change in our children!’ Just say ‘no’ to the Gender Ideology that the Gender Warriors in the classroom and the school boards are pushing on to your children. Gender Warriors can be bullies so expect push-back and being called names. This is not the time to be afraid for ourselves. It is the time to stand up for the children in our community!

    Read more at:


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