I’ve become an unexpected human rights campaigner. Our daughter made us aware of the lessons on gender ideology that were being taught in her Grade 1 class. We ended up filing a discrimination case with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal because the only option the school gave us was to remove our daughter from lessons on gender where she was being told that “girls are not real”. We think this is discriminatory and that the school should be able to find some way to accommodate her gender identity as a girl without resorting to gaslighting – a technique of psychological abusers.

Some articles explaining our case:

Parents Sue School Board for teaching their daughter girls are not real

Jordan Peterson’s perspective on gender politics in the classroom

I started Canadian Gender Report after our case became public and people started reaching out to me with their own concerns and experiences. Initially, I had input from a few medical professionals and parents. Now there’s a growing group of concerned citizens including lawyers, retired educators and medical professionals who are contributing their advice and perspectives.

An op-ed I wrote for The Post Millenial about Inclusive Education going too far:

Ontario school board provided sex work and extreme sex act resources to students