I’m a mother of 2 girls. I was a tomboy growing up, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find that my girls have more typically feminine interests than I did.

Our household is one in which their father often cooks and cares for them and they see their mother building things and using power tools.

We’re thankful to live in a gender fluid culture.

And very thankful to live in a culture that embraces freedom and choice.

I started to research and write when we encountered a really strange level of transgender activism in our daughter’s Grade 1 class.

We hadn’t given gender identity much thought prior to this, thinking the recent legislative changes were about recognizing and helping trans people find their place in our world.

We were shocked to discover that a new form of personal identity was being taught to our daughter and her class of 6 year olds, completely without our knowledge.

And even more shocked to encounter educators with a blind allegiance to a fundamentalist viewpoint.

Convinced they were doing the right thing.

I’m not even sure they realised what they were doing. Their sense of moral righteousness was so great, I’m not sure the thought ever crossed their minds that their trans-activism could do any harm.

It was a very disorienting experience to encounter such push back from the very people who were supposed to be protecting children.

There’s something strange going on in our gender fluid culture.

We need to draw the line between education and indoctrination.

We can’t allow deceptive policies and secretive lessons that undermine children’s understanding of themselves and disrupt relationships with parents and families.

I’ve come to realise the need for parents rights to provide the moral education for their children – particularly when it comes to the issue of personal identity.

There are important questions to ask and debates to have about how the transgender movement is imposing a new reality on all of us.

I’ll do my best to articulate some of them and look forward to your comments and experiences.

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