76 kids identify as gender fluid in one school: is it time to celebrate?

Gender fluidity is the policy at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board I attended as a kid and my own children attended until last year. At least that’s what my 6 year old’s teacher told us when I asked her why she was teaching the class “there’s no such thing as boys and girls”.

I keep asking myself why would anyone secretly teach 6 year olds the topic of gender identity using videos, storybooks, whiteboard lessons and resort to gaslighting techniques to get the point across?

Recently, in Brighton England, it’s come to light that 76 students at a single school no longer identify with their birth sex.

And, as you can imagine, there are all kinds of explanations. One is that Brighton is simply a very progressive kind of place, where kids are free to “come out”, as it were.

That’s an interesting point of view, but one I’m not buying before checking out some other perspectives.

Lisa Marchiano, for one, is a clinical psychologist and has become an outspoken expert on this “new kind of gender dysphoria” that she thinks is misunderstood with potentially devastating consequences.

Recently, she wrote about a phenomenon Carl Jung called mass mindedness

After WWII, Jung spent some time contemplating what happened to cause those horrors and the chaos of communism that was gripping Russia. His explanation was that a kind of psychic epidemic had taken over people’s thinking.

I had just finished reading Jung’s essay “The Undiscovered Self”. I had no idea this small book was Jung’s political treatise and would have so much relevance for what is going on today.

Jung warns that when there’s a trend toward mass-mindedness, “the result is fanaticism, used as a weapon for stamping out the least flicker of opposition”.

The psychic infection spread by fanaticism becomes the religion of the State. It’s inspired by a movement that’s pursuing social authority and promises it’s members a wish of slipping back into the “kingdom of childhood”.

Sound eerily relevant?

So last week when Stephanie Davies-Arai from Transgender Trend was interviewed on Good Morning Britain about the situation at the Brighton high school I thought she nailed it perfectly.


She was asked if we’re damaging our children or allowing them to express their true identity. She expressed very clearly that the danger is in medicating any form of gender non-conformity. This is not about individual freedom of expression.

“This is a political, ideological movement that’s going into schools and is dictating school policy”, she said.

“We’re telling boys that they are literally girls if they identify as girls.” And she pointed out that this is being reaffirmed right across the board in schools, with counsellors and therapists and even their teachers.

“This is a movement that treats children with an adult political ideology.” is her conclusion.

And this is what I agree is most dangerous about the current state of the transgender movement.

It’s a movement.

Based on an ideology.

A growing fanaticism in fact.

The kind of fanaticism that makes a teacher and her principal blind to the real possibility that their ideology is creating more confusion and harm than the good they believe they are doing.

The kind of fanaticism that poses a danger to children who are vulnerable and susceptible to confusion and social contagions that involve self-harm.

The kind of fanaticism that needs to be fought in the case of trans-militancy, not individual expression or trans people themselves.

So, is it time to celebrate?

I’m trying to be encouraged by this situation in the progressive town of Brighton.

Because we have to use it to help us get past the fanatics and expose the truth.

It’s clearly time to stop transitioning kids who are simply expressing an underlying reality.

No one, from a psychological standpoint, is purely male or female.

Everyone, on the other hand, is biologically male or female.

While some people may struggle with this basic fact of life, there’s clearly a politically motivated ideology coming into our classrooms that encourages children to identify as trans and puts them on a path towards medical interventions that can result in sterilization.

Why else would responsible adults feel it’s necessary to teach the complex topic of gender identity to 6 year olds when instead they could deal with situations of gender non-conforming children in terms of tolerance and acceptance for individual expression?

And how could anyone in their right mind not see that this is an ideologically induced fad that’s attracting vulnerable kids and a cult like following.

There is no logic that makes “teaching this” acceptable.

When “teaching this” involves undermining the identity of girls and boys who (call me crazy!) believe they’re girls and boys. Encouraging teachers to “deconstruct gender” in the way it was in our daughter’s Grade 1 class (and that’s the wording of the School Board policy) is not educating, it’s indoctrinating.

Teaching the sensitive topic of identity to children, secretively and without informing parents is akin to using our Education system to impose a new religion on kids without parental consent.

Parents have a right to know how gender identity is being taught in their children’s classrooms. So they can decide for themselves if the message is really about creating a more inclusive and tolerant culture. Or something else entirely.



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